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Klever showcased as one of the leading high-growth, high-impact technology companies in North Carolina

By Phil Verghis on September 12, 2013

And I’ve got 120 seconds to convince the audience that Klever is going to change the world.

John Ragsdale looks at the Klever Knowledge Community plus resources

By Phil Verghis on August 20, 2013

Unsolicited post from long-time KM guru and industry analyst, John Ragsdale…

If you only knew what you already know…

By Phil Verghis on July 17, 2013

For readers of my newsletter, I sent a personal note about why  I helped create Klever (

Startup Chronicles

By Phil Verghis on May 4, 2013

The folks at TSIA invited me to write a blog on what it is like starting a new company ( It’s got references to painkillers, vitamins and cold calls.

The role of knowledge sharing in proactive support

By adamk on April 25, 2013

Bill and Adam have been blogging on the role of knowledge sharing practices (and the information in knowledge repositories) has in transforming support from reactive to proactive. We are bringing together principles from Knowledge Centered Support (KCS) and ITIL to suggest practices that can transform your approach to delighting your customers.

Part one is available at

Part 2 can be found at

We would love your thoughts!

Dancing E named Finalist in TSIA’s 2013 Service Revolutions Competition

By Phil Verghis on April 24, 2013

Dancing E will be competing to win TSIA’s coveted Vision Award, with winners being determined by a live audience of industry practitioners along with a panel of expert judges. The theme of the competition is, “True vision is having the intelligent foresight to define a better, more productive future,” with categories including Commercial, Start-up, and Service Practitioner. We  are a finalist in the Start-up category.

“Introduced in 2010 and growing year over year, the TSIA Vision Awards recognize game-changing ideas in technology services that are beyond the cutting edge,” said J.B. Wood, president and CEO of TSIA. “Dancing E is not only an industry leader in its market space, but it continually demonstrates a compelling approach to driving technology services forward. We’re proud to recognize Dancing E as a Service Revolutions finalist for 2013.”

The competition will take place on May 8 at the Technology Services World (TSW) 2013 Best Practices conference in Santa Clara, California. Do come and vote for us if you think we are the best…

Phil Verghis joins Strategic Advisory Board of HDI again

By Phil Verghis on April 20, 2013

HDI is the premier professional association and certification body for the technical service and support industry. HDI serves a community of more than 120,000 technical service and support professionals. Phil was invited to serve on the Strategic Advisory Board of HDI. (He has also been a past Chairperson of the Strategic Advisory Board.)

DancingE does it again – named semi-finalist for prestigious NC IDEA grant Spring 2013

By Phil Verghis on April 5, 2013

Lovely momentum. This is the startup that Adam, Bill and I are all co-founders of.

DancingE is a semi-finalist out of 95 companies in the SouthEast US

By Phil Verghis on April 3, 2013

This is a company that Adam Krob, Bill Stockton and I are all co-founders of  that aims to enable Knowledge. Sharing. For All.

I’ve learned so much from Martin M. Coyne II over the years…

By Phil Verghis on March 12, 2013

It is with great pleasure that I’d like to announce that Martin M. Coyne II has agreed to join us as a senior advisor to Dancing E. I first met Marty when he was elected a director  at Akamai in 2001, when we were still a small start up during some very challenging times. He has been on the Akamai board ever since, and Akamai just passed $1.4B in revenue in 2012.

Having someone with Marty’s deep and broad experience running multi-billion dollar businesses, and helping a company grow from start up to $1B plus in revenue is, as they say, priceless.

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