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Over the years, clients have asked us to help them take our often radically new and fresh ways of thinking and make them part of their team’s DNA. I’m pleased to say that we now have a public roster of workshops that we can offer around the world.

Rooted in years of hands-on global experience and developed in close collaboration with clients, these are not your traditional workshops. They are highly interactive and you will come away with a notebook full of practical ideas you can use immediately.

Many of our workshops are held on demand. If you are interested in scheduling one in your office anywhere in the world, do reach out.  This will be one of the best investments you will ever make in training, particularly for your overseas teams.

Next public workshops are

  • Transforming Knowledge, KCS v5 Foundations course - online May 20-24 - scheduled for US-based organizations; May 27-31 – scheduled for Asia/Pacific based organizations.  Special discount for online participants available on the registration page!  Use the code ONLINE for your discount!


Managing in a global, collaborative world: Guiding not Grading

  • One of our most popular training offerings, it has four modules:
    • Module one is based on Phil’s book, The Ultimate Customer Support Executive and shows managers how to earn respect then demand respect on behalf of your customers.
    • Module two is based on Rich Gallagher’s best selling book How to Tell Anyone Anything. It draws on principles of strength-based psychology to teach techniques to effectively influence and coach other people, while building lifelong interpersonal and leadership skills.
    • Module three breaks down the implications of culture on service and support. Drawing on Phil’s highly rated paper commissioned by IBM, it reveals how organizations can work with deeply held cultural beliefs to manage expectations and service better than they ever had before.
    • Module four brings it all together and guides managers on how to manage individuals and teams in the new world of ‘outcome-based’ metrics. This is perhaps the hardest set of changes for managers and is key in order to enable them to move from break-fix to value-add. The emphasis is on ‘guiding, not grading’, and is based on a ‘brilliant’ white paper.
    • Two day workshop.
    • Variations: Keynote; talk. Has been delivered in multiple continents.
  • The Ultimate Customer Support Executive
    • Shows managers how to earn respect inside a company then demand respect on behalf of your customers.
    • Based on Phil Verghis’ book of the same name.
    • Full day workshop
    • Variations: Keynote; talk. Has been delivered in multiple continents.
  • Measures, Metrics and Madness
    • Helps leaders and managers understand the difference between ‘activity-based’ and ‘outcome-based’ measures.
    • Based on the white paper the Association of Support Professionals calls ‘brilliant.
    • John Ragsdale, VP of Research for the industry association TSIA says “... a great opportunity to learn about the evolving world of metrics and support best practices from one of the best in the business.
    • Full day workshop
    • Variations: Keynote; talk. Has been delivered in multiple continents.

Soft Skills

  • Great Customer Connections
    • Specifically developed for front line teams, it teaches them the mechanics of how to manage any customer situation successfully — particularly in critical situations. Over 10,000 people around the world have taken this course.
    • Based on the best-selling book by the world-renowned author Richard Gallagher, with additional input from Phil and Adam.
    • Variations: Keynote; talk. Has been delivered in multiple continents.
  • Impact of Culture on Service & Support
    • Helps managers, front line staff and others understand the impact of culture on support. Not just a ‘look at both sides of your business card when you accept one in Japan’, this goes into details for concepts like the difference between
      • Rules-based and ‘relationship-based’ societies
      • High context and low context, and what that means for complex support.
    • Originally a chapter in Phil’s book, it was further developed when IBM commissioned it as a white paper.
    • Variations: Keynote; talk. Has been delivered in multiple continents.

Knowledge Management

  • Transforming Knowledge (KCS v5)
    • Developed by the non-profit Consortium for Service Innovation, based on 15 years of member research, with specific Verghis Group additions on communications and measures.
    • One recent participant said: “This training was an excellent investment of time. Conducted by capable and enthusiastic instructors, I not only gained knowledge of KCS, but insight into how my organization runs now and how I think it should operate in the months and years ahead. Highly effective”


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